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I am a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, and health coach based in Beverly Hills, California. I have always been passionate about health, wellness and the preservation of life through the approach of traditional Chinese Medicine. Guided by a practical and eternally optimistic approach, I help clients improve their health, achieve their wellness goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.


I will help you build a healthy and sustainable relationship with food, I believe in “real food”, using “real ingredients” and maintaining a more pure and clean diet. I will empower you to enrich your meals with nourishing foods that will make you feel energetic, healthy and vivacious.

Health & Wellness is a journey, not a single event. It begins with developing a new mindset, allowing you to give priority to you. You learn to love yourself a little more than you did yesterday. Life should not be filled with constant stress nor should it be dominated with an overwhelming feeling of losing control. It should instead be focused on enjoying this unique journey with a feeling of well-being, confidence and love.




I graduated from one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China, Fu Dan University with a master’s degree in Philosophy. In 2004, I founded 5th Avenue Productions, a full-service company, specializing in commercial productions and celebrity endorsement consulting both in China and US.


With my extensive experience in the world of celebrity endorsements and commercial production, I have achieved success in key international markets from Beverly Hills to Shanghai, and other major cities throughout Asia. I specialize in delivering exceptional consulting services to my international clientele, while maintaining a customized approach that is
adaptable to the unique challenges and opportunities of the markets in which I work.

This experience has allowed me to cultivate a global network of A-list celebrities, supermodels, artists, and top-notch production teams. In the world of celebrity engagement, I have particular expertise and access to top-level talent in the Chinese market. As an executive producer, I create high quality editorial, commercial and fashion-oriented campaigns that garner widespread attention and positive results.


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Sharon has truly taught me that Food is Medicine! ... and I'm almost off all my prescription drugs. She has been refocusing my energy on things that can help me, making things simple by providing invaluable references, recipes and techniques. My mental clarity and increased energy are absolutely amazing compared to where I was before. 


Sharon is a gentle and caring soul - truly committed to helping me heal - not just with nutrition, but by addressing all aspects of health including quality sleep and exercise. She is a holistic healer – helps you heal in all aspects of your life! 

—  Patrick Miller, CA

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